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Slimming Holidays offered by Miłomłyn Zdrój Hotel aim to help people who decided to stay on a diet to accomplish the intended purpose. The knowledge and experience gained during slimming holidays allow to implement healthy eating principles into everyday life.


We invite you to attend eight or fifteenth day slimming holidays:

Price of slimming holidays includes (respectively for 8/ 15 days)

  • 7/ 14 nights in comfortable rooms with access to the internet

  • Dietary food: fruit-and-vegetable diet (breakfasts, dinners, suppers)

  • Dietician’s supervision during the stay

  • Lecture on the diet – once a week

  • 1/ 2 partial anti-cellulite and slimming massage (for ladies) or partial mud massage Tołpa (for men)

  • 6/ 13 Nordic Walkings in Mazurian forests (we provide sticks)

  • 6/ 13 morning gymnastics, 6/ 13 aqua aerobics

  • 6/ 13 fitness classes (aerobic, pilatess, theraband, stretching, gymnastics, weight training, etc.) – one kind of exercises on every day

  • “The World of Dance” with a trainer – once a week

  • Free swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi and fitness – every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. without limitations

  • Unlimited access to mineral water and tea supporting lose weight process

  • Climate tax fee and parking fee included. We provide bathrobes and bath towels.


SLIMMING HOLIDAYS od I do V oraz od IX do XII od VI do VIII

8 days (7nights)

15 days (14 nights)

8 days (7nights)

15 days (14 nights)

Price in double room 1275 zł 2179 zł 1479 zł 2489 zł
Price in single room 1559 zł 2789 zł 1849 zł 3389 zł
Price of child’s stay (4-12 years) 882 zł 1764 zł 882 zł 1764 zł
dzieci do lat 3 pobyt bezpłatny

The price refers to one child (4-12 years) by single fully paid stay of the person on a diet. The price includes: wholesome food, free entrance to the swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, shower sheath, playground attractions (swings, sandbox of discoverers, sliding place, climbing walls) and kid’s corner at the hotel. The treatment does not refer to children.

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